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“Life don't have to be perfect to be wonderful”

Flora - Flora's Kitchen

May I introduce myself?​

My name is Flora and I have always had a passion for cooking.


After having enjoyed working in the temporary employment industry for a number of years, I decided to change course. I wanted to focus on cooking and eating full-time.  

That is why I followed a chef training in 2019 and in 2021 I was finally able to realize my dream: my own cooking studio and catering company.  

Good food has been instilled in me from an early age and for me conviviality is associated with sitting at the table for a long time. Eating well gives you new energy, both physically and mentally.  


Besides my passion for cooking, I have another passion, which is singing. And I can indulge that passion in the band Eleven20one .


Music and good food are 2 of the most important ingredients of my life, hence the headline on this page "Music is food for the soul, food is music for the body." You will often find me singing in the kitchen!  



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